Dragonsphere is like Dragonball it’s generally good

“On the next episode of Dragonsphere Z!”

So after my horrible adventures in Lure of the Temptress and killing the witch(And vommiting from finding people masochistic enough to ‘like’ the game). I decided that my next game be Dragonsphere which is also on GOG for free and is another adventure game.

Now one would immediately be wary of the free games offered by GOG after Lure of the Temptress. But if you recall from my last post (Which you should and if you didn’t…GO CHECK IT OUT RIGHT NOW YOU BUM! ‘Heh had to throw an Akago moment there’) there are good games that gog gives for free like Fallout(When it was there), and BASS(despite what I said but it is better than LotT). Now I can add Dragonsphere to that list after playing it on my last stream, but onto the game.

“The dark forces are rising!” *Play the Lord of the Ring theme

Dragonsphere takes place in the medieval times of somewhere far away where the evil Saruman- I mean evil wizard(or was it sorcerer?) will wreck havoc on the world. So it’s up to the King(Who I forgot) to prevent that from happening.
Long story short they succeed in trapping him, but it’s only a temporary solution since some time far in the future the wizard will break free and it will be up to the prince(When he’s older who looks like Kal-El even his name sounds almost like it) to end his reign of terror, because the king died.

“This is that thing that Grand Kai talked about with the Dragonballs needing to dissipate evil”

Well story has a setup and a plot that I can remember unlike hooker of the witch, and gameplay to match. For the majority of the game you’re gathering power stone (not the dreamcast game by capcom which I have yet to get my hands on) to defeat the wizard as you travel through interesting environments, solving puzzles which are generally simple or clever(and some guide dang-it moments), and learning more about this world if you paid general attention(unlike the caveman that lives 6 hours ahead of me *cough cough :O).


The story is well told I understand what’s going on without having a complex plot trying to be clever(*Cough brondy Cough) and it just gets more interesting as the game goes on that I won’t spoil for you all, but I did enjoy it despite being simple. There is also voice acting which is either average or just laughable bad but I enjoyed it because I didn’t have to read all the text(Yeah I’m lazy but look at what the site is called).

“Only a sith deals in absolute strange languages!”

The graphics have a personally and theme to it, the environments are memorable from the desert to the shape-shifter land(Which is really cool and mysterious) and I enjoy looking at this game, it’s very well drawn (Unlike fishbait for bitches which makes my eyes want to commit seppuku with it’s eyelashes from the boring stale as poop graphics), the character animation is actually rotoscoped which explains the smooth animations. Granted there’s no detail on the face but use your imagination(Unless you’re a couch potato with no deep thinking). The music is also fitting for the environment and is at least nice to listen to (unlike cough cough traps of the cocktease), the sound fx are alright, though I can’t believe they dedicated part of the credit to a gurgling noise when you die(Sounds disgusting).

“Use the brain Luke! Just think Luke!”

The puzzles in this game I’ve solved 80% of it by myself. For the most part it’s either something simple, takes some thinking, or trial and error. The part where I had to look at a guide is at the wizard tower which while some of its puzzles are clever when you see the solution, it was also not obvious at the same time. But for the most part I solved it without a guide, and when I almost caved into a guide I managed to do it and that’s pretty good and I dare/challenge you all to solve the hedge maze level without a guide cause I did it and if you used a guide you are a pussy.

“Solve this puzzle mutha ducka!”

Overall I enjoyed the game(Way more than BASS and Gaybriel can suck it). It has a nice story, good graphics to look at, puzzles that are generally fair to solve(mostly), good qualities to it and is FREE. I’d love to do a let’s play on it, editing it like A Market Maze turn’s SQ videos.

So until then stay tuned for the next post on games I plays.