My ‘Hatred'[opinion] of that game

Ahh yes one of those times I feel the need to write  a blog instead of doing a video out of it(because this type of stuff I’m not interested enough to make a video on[Unless some video game news wants to get/hire me for]).

If you’ve been following A&C Games on their facebook you might sometimes see the CityNews from Toronto interviewing Gar and anyone in the store about video games(specifically the controversial ones[And without me there :P]). This is the video I’m referring to(Or if the title of this post didn’t give it away):

[I’d embed it but the embed code sucks]

But basically here’s what I think about the game ‘Hatred’: It’s pretty generic.

The gameplay looks dull, the art style has been done before, we’ve seen games with executions(And better ones at that), the shock value is really weak, and this game almost has nothing going for it.

I say that because it does have one thing going for it(And it’s not very good) is its character who is just this guy who hates humanity and just wants to kill everyone(okay…).

Based purely on just watching the footage and nothing else(at this time) let’s see what we can analysis.

1. The Gameplay is a top down(-ish) shooter.

Well that’s obvious and that the fact this type of gameplay isn’t anything impressive, in fact I would even say this genre of ‘top down shooters’ are pretty boring and especially overdone in download titles.

2. The B&W art style .

Now you can debate about this and that the art-style does fit with the theme of…Mass murder? Typically the B&W scheme is used for flashbacks or something trying to be stylistic(like Limbo), and if that’s what Hatred is going for it. I feel like it doesn’t really earn that type of usage. You can argue about it the other way and I’m trying to find a good reason for it but all I’m coming up is a blank(Maybe you need more hatred to see this). Actually maybe it’s how that guy sees the world and ‘eh’ I suppose it would work.

3. Execution and shock value pack.

And here comes the most controversial part of the game where it garners all this attention and that is! Killing people and performing gun executions on them…

Really now? ‘Ohh! Gun Executions!’ I’ve seen other executions from other games that have more impact than this guy’s gun like; Manhunt, Mortal Kombat, Splatterhouse, Postal(as DP reminded me) and certain death screens like Ninja Gaiden Arcade. The execution just wasn’t that great(both ingame and as a game ironically).

Basically the shock value it’s going for is really weak and has been done to death(HA! Unintentional death pun, *I’m so funny sometimes) to the point it’s not really worth mentioning, and you can say I’m desensitized from other games where you kill people. On that note killing people in video games is not a new concept for shock value, there are so many other games where you just kill people(Like war games that gets released yearly).

Now you might say the real shock value is that this brings up old memories of those shootings from various public places…[ :(]

*Sigh, that is true but are you really going to remind people about those events? I know video games are always about exploring themes and as the makers of the game puts it ‘breaking the trend of other games’, which is a nice mindset for designing, but what you make/design should also be tastefully done. Does it make me uncomfortable? No(In fact I’d probably fall asleep from trying to stay awake to play this game) but to others it probably does.

So far this just kind of leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouths.

4. The source of the ‘HATRED’

Speaking of taste, the main character you play as is either bland as shit or just a piece of shit that we don’t care about nor do we connect with(And if you do connect with this character please seek help immediately for your safety and ours). “OH I HATE THE WORLD! I’M GOING TO KILL! MURDER! AND BURN YOU ALL TO HELL!” What can I say? This guy is just unlikable like why do we want to play as him?(Because I don’t want to, do you?) Is there going to be some back story to this guy and why he’s going through this miserable crap? Because a good story that shows his progress leading up to the killing like for example; you play as a ordinary guy who tries to life an honest life, but it just keeps shitting on him and beating over his head as he succumbs to…The ‘Hatred’ of the world which ends with a killing spree, ‘MIGHT’ actually save this game or at least give some credibility for a character study(But so far I don’t see any of that and again only from footage). So depending on how that goes it might actually be an okay game.

Final Thoughts

This game feels weak(Again from what I’ve seen), now I’m not saying you shouldn’t play it if you’re curious to check it out, I’m just saying this game really isn’t that special and all the attention it’s getting it just doesn’t deserve it that much(Now on the other hand we should all direct our attention to WizWar100 from LazyWorkCreations! A much better character that tries to provide edutainment for you without the need to execution several people outside your homes).


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