Movie-Log # 11 – Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice[1080HD]

As hinted in the previous Movie-log(To a degree) Wiz and Dtyson’s next movie vlog is Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice. But wait these two aren’t the Wiz and Dtyson we know!

[Notes]: While listening to my own vlog I noticed some inconsistent things that were being said and I’m going to list the ones I can recall.

I said Superman is not in the LexCorps data but soon later I say it is in the data and that’s confusing, so what’s up?

Well The data really only did have the Flash, Cyborg, Wonder woman, and Aquaman at the time we saw it, but what I think I was trying to convey is; if Lex Luthor knows Ma Kent is Superman’s ‘mother'(Or I think he does cause otherwise why kidnap Ma Kent?) then he must have noted it down somewhere like say the LexCorps database right? So I assume after the scene with Batman/Bruce looking at the LexCorps files that the Superman data was added afterwards. Hence why didn’t Alfred tell Batman of this potentially useful information. Either I don’t know/remember how Lex knows about Ma Kent’s significance to Superman.

oh yes we forgot to mention the flash in Bruce’s ‘dream’, but it was only for a brief moment and…Yeah we forgot about that scene.

If you find anything that doesn’t make sense just let us know and we’ll write it in the description.

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