Crimsonland Review

Ah yes, back like the flu you only caught like once or twice in your life. I got a blog review on a game that I don’t think is worth the time making a ‘video’ about, but on pen and paper(or blog) I think it’s acceptable.

I have an ulterior motive for reviewing this but that’s not important right now. What is important is me typing about a game that I’ve strangely been playing for a long while and that game is Crimsonland on Steam and Android tablet.

What is Crimsonland? If names are to be considered it sounds like it’s going to be red, which it is; Red with blood.


“So you new around here boy?”

 Crimsonland is a overhead top view shooter where you are pretty much the Doom guy from Doom who shoots aliens, bugs, spiders, and zombies, either in quest mode where you try to kill everything before they kill you, or in the typical survival mode that you see in every Call of Duty game since the zombie introduction, where you try to survive as long as possible. Speaking of Call of Duty, as you progress in the game you unlock perks to help you and new weapons for you to use against the menace you face in the game.

“They don’t call it Crimsonland for nothing”

  Essentially that’s the game, you shoot things, get things to shoot more things. There is quite a lot of variety in guns that you can get to play with which can be fun, even though at times it feels like there’s only like 10 guns to choose from because there’s a tier of what guns are good and bad. The perks you unlock get to be used when you level up in the game from killing enough enemies. There too are a lot of perks and they do things from helping you reload, do more damage, regenerate health, and it sounds pretty bland now doesn’t it? Well it’s not as bland as it sounds since the perks you get to choose are random(sometimes unhelpful perks are given), and they don’t carry over to the next mission you go to so it keeps itself fresh like that.

“Unfortunately they don’t offer perks on dental plans”

 A feature in the game much like Call of Duty is that if you’re playing on PC(and not tablet) you can play up to four-players, and this just sounds like it’d be pretty legit awesome to play with 3 other people. The game also comes with two other games, one of which is the classic 2003 version of Crimsonland which is similar but you can tell it’s definitely an older flash game of it(With some perks not passed over into the newer one), and the other game you can play(on pc) if you enter/type in ‘Gembine’ during the credits is…2048?(That app game you can get for free in the play store) Huh weird choice of bonus games but it lets you unlock the last perk in the game which I guarantee you will never figure out on your own. It’s pretty difficult compared to 2048 and it took me several tries to beat the high score to get the last perk(Even then you’re not missing much on the perk). Surprising there is quite a bit of strategy you need to employ for a 2048 game(not that the original didn’t have strategy). I bring up strategy because the main game only has one strategy which is don’t die and hope the game drops the better weapon for you to use. This is probably due to the fact that every- actually no ALL of the maps in the game are EXACTLY the same; Flat. There’s no variety in the maps, there’s no buildings or terrain to work with to perhaps do something like have a choke point to fire against the enemies, or having some subtle story narrative like exploring an abandon base that’s been infested with spiders. I’m not asking for ‘Triple A’ design here, but some variety would have made the levels more distinctive. Because the only difference between levels(in quest mode) is that different types of monsters appear and sometimes all of them appear.

Related image

“She has very little tracts of land”

 With that said I’m not completely bothered by it, I still enjoyed the mindless simple chaos in the game and I even tried the survival mode to get the top score in which I was ranked in the 300th out of the thousands I played against, which I normally don’t care about.

Image result for crimsonland logo

“I think a good chunk of the weapons here you can find in Aliens

 Do I recommend Crimsonland? Well for 14.99, I would say wait till it goes on sale for around $10, preferably $6-$7. Because Crimsonland is just a very simple but fun shooter that if you’re like me can get quite a bit out of it. Now it being too simple can also backfire on itself with the aforementioned lack of map variety. But I still had fun overall and would recommend it when on sale.


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