Anus Nani“You’re the Viewers and He’s the Reviewer!” That’s Al Snow Mok, a video game reviewer who goes by the name WizWar100 on the net. Al is born and raised in Toronto and has been a video maker since 2006 on youtube when it was still new. WizWar100 shortly appeared after ANN(AVGN), Armake21, and maybe playitbogart. Originally meant for as a joke which slowly turned into a hobby and also inspiring other people into reviewing and a few big youtubers such as TheSpoonyOne.

Don’t Believe the Spoony part? Watch this:

Since then WizWar100 has improved over time with better editing, scripting, and reviewing in general. While not the most comedic reviewer in the universe and more on the cool side. He throws in his comedic side when bad games are abound. WizWar100 tries to give credible reviews that are as bias free as possible unlike most other reviewers, but he doesn’t hide his preference for what games he likes and dislikes. He also tries to be critical on the games he reviews, but within reason giving them all a fair chance to be judged, and the benefit of a doubt, while not being easily impressed as others do.


WizWar100 use to be ‘Just’ reviews, but in addition to ‘Just’ Reviews since the return in 2013 there have been new series created for people to watch, here’s a small list of them.

“Is It? Series”

A series in which Wiz takes a look at games or video game related items and reviews them to tell you; Is It That Bad? Is It That Good? And most importantly Is It Worth It? giving you his honest opinion and trying to see if said material’s true worth and if they deserve the attention they are given.

“Video Game Quickies”

This has been around since the beginning, but now there will be more attention given to this series to fill in the gap between big reviews. Was that too quick of a description? Because this is trying to review certain games(short or depending) as quickly and as informatively as possible looking purely at the games core and not going into great detail for humour or value.

“Which to Find”

The long version of ‘WTF’, is a series of taking a look at two similar games on the same console, but if you had to pick ONE game! Which one should you find? which is where WizWar100 will give you his opinion and suggestion on; ‘Which to Find’

“Sunday Showcase”

An experiment in which wizwar100 just sits down and plays some of his games on his shelf, while showcasing the game as he plays. Not quite like a let’s play video but more like a highlight video to show the game and the good or bad parts of it.

“Movie Related Videos”

Breaking away from video games for a moment, now while WizWar100 does not claim to be the be all end all movie critic, he still has an opinion that he can give on the movies he’s watched recently, whether it be old or new, he’ll let you know how he thinks about it and whether to suggest you take a watch or not, with or without a guest.

What’s with the name ‘WizWar100’?

I played runescape before and you can still find my character there way before 2006, who is a combination of a Wizard & a Warrior going for the 100% accomplishment in his life! Aside from that the name stuff and it makes me a magical fit guy always trying to be 100%
Speaking of accomplishments on the side of gaming he is so far the only person to have beaten some extremely hard retro games like; Ghosts’ n Goblins, Battletoads(All versions), Frankenstein the monster returns, and the Splatterhouse series to name a few(Not all of them being good).

His original account ‘WizWar100′ is lost and will probably not be taken back for years to come, so check out

his other youtube channel: LazyWorkCreations

or his site; www.lazyworkcreations.com.

Until then Stay Tuned for More!


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"You're the Viewers and He's the Reviewer!"

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