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[LWC] Vlog Sept 2014 Update Video

It’s officially the end of Summer and the Fall has begun, but that won’t stop WizWar100 from updating you on what you might have missed on Videos he did in September, check it out!

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List of videos you might have missed:

Demo Impressions:
– Super Smash 3DS: http://bit.ly/1uz9Nyi
– Hyrule Warriors: http://bit.ly/1nGcUSV

Is It Worth it:
– Mario Party-E: http://bit.ly/1qSgyUg
– Mario Part-E Gameplay: http://bit.ly/1ByVLLC

Quick Cuts:
– EP02 Rockey: http://bit.ly/1vsl2W4
– Bleeps & Bloops ROCKY I: http://bit.ly/1ua7rV2

Mighty Gunvolt Quickie Review:

Plug-N-Play Sega Genesis Classic Game Console:

Sunday Showcase:
– MMPR: http://bit.ly/1CEBpmO
– Super R-Type: http://bit.ly/1vuBXIs
– Vote for Next Game: http://bit.ly/1vslUdo

Nintendo WiiU Unboxing: http://bit.ly/1ua6Keh

Zero to 100 Commentary: http://bit.ly/1rBsUE2

Adventures of Millionaire Batman:


Check out the Sega Genesis Quickie SEASON 1 [Complete]:

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